• Brother 2.5 Printer Drivers For Mac

    Brother 2.5 Printer Drivers For Mac

    Sbw 242 driver for mac os

    . The ' Printer Setting Tool' is installed at the same time as other software such as the printer driver. For more information, see. Make sure the AC adapter is connected to an AC power outlet, the car adapter is connected to a DC power outlet, or the fully-charged battery is installed. Make sure the printer driver has been installed and is functional. Connect this printer to a computer with a USB cable. With this tool, settings cannot be specified using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

    This update installs the latest Brother printing and scanning software for OS X Snow Leopard 10.6. For more information about printing and scanning software, see http.

    Connect the printer you want to configure to the computer. Click Macintosh HD - Applications - Brother - Printer Setting Tool - Printer Setting Tool.app. The Printer Setting Tool window appears. Check that the printer you want to configure appears beside Printer. If a different printer appears, select the printer you want from the drop-down list. Use the ' Printer Setting Tool' to configure the printer only when the printer is in standby.

    The printer may malfunction if you attempt to configure it while it is handling a job. For information on items in the Printer Setting Tool window, refer to the following links:. Settings Dialog Box. Printer Lists the connected printers.

    Import Imports settings from a file. Export Saves the current settings in a file. Setting Tabs Contain settings that may be specified or changed. Apply Settings to the Printer Applies the settings to the printer. Print Unit Settings Prints a report containing firmware version, paper size, and configuration information, as shown below. The Bluetooth settings (PJ-762/PJ-763/PJ-763MFi only) or Wi-Fi settings (PJ-773 only) are printed on this page.

    Clean Unit Cleans the platen roller of the printer by feeding the dedicated cleaning sheet. See. Factory Reset Resets all of the printer settings to the factory settings. Current Settings Retrieves the settings from the currently connected printer and displays them in the dialog box. Exit Exits the Printer Setting Tool. Paper Settings Tab. Paper Size Specifies the default paper size.

    Available settings: LetterLegalA4Custom. Form Length This parameter can be set only when Paper Size is set to Custom. Form length is determined by specifying the number of lines per page, or the length in inches of each page. The available settings differ depending on the selected Text Line Spacing settings.

    Text Line Spacing Lines Inches 6 Lines/Inch 6-127 1.00-21.16 8 Lines/Inch (0.125') or 8 Lines/Inch (0.12') 8-127 1.00-15.87. Bottom Margin The setting specified for this parameter takes effect only when Paper Size is set to Custom. The height of the bottom margin is expressed in lines of text. The available settings differ depending on the selected Text Line Spacing setting. Text Line Spacing Lines 6 Lines/Inch 3-126 8 Lines/Inch (0.125') or 8 Lines/Inch (0.12') 4-126. Text Line Spacing Specifies the height of each line of text. Available settings: 6 Lines/Inch8 Lines/Inch (0.125')8 Lines/Inch (0.12').

    Left Margin Specifies the left margin. Available settings: Use Paper SizeColumns.


    Right Margin Specifies the right margin. Available settings: Use Paper SizeColumns. Default Pitch Specifies character width. Available settings: 10 characters/inch12 characters/inch15 characters/inchProportional.

    CR-LF Mode Specifies how the printer responds when LF (line feed) and CR (carriage return) commands (ASCII characters 10 and 13) are received. Available settings: LF=LF CR=CRLF=CR+LF CR=CR+LF. Roll Printer Case Setting Specifies the setting for using the optional roll printer case. If On is selected, you can adjust the feed value or amount of paper retraction for the roll printer case. Available settings: OnOn (Without Anti Curl)On (Short Feed)Off. Print Length Scaling Specifies the reduction or enlargement ratio for printing.

    Available settings: 95% - 105% (in increments of 0.5%). Tear Adjust Adjust the tear bar tear off position for paper media. Available settings: +0.08'+0.06'+0.04'+0.02'0'-0.02'-0.04'-0.06'-0.08' ( +2.0 mm+1.5 mm+1.0 mm+0.5 mm0 mm-0.5 mm-1.0 mm-1.5 mm-2.0 mm). Form Feed Mode Specifies how the printer responds to form feed commands received from any source.

    Available settings: No FeedFixed PageEnd of PageEnd of Page Retract. Paper Grip Time Specifies the delay before the printer grabs the paper. Available settings: 0.5 seconds0.8 seconds1.2 seconds. Pre-Feed If Enable is selected, the printer ejects a short length of paper when the printer turns on. When using perforated roll paper or roll paper that is pre-printed, we recommend setting this parameter to Disable. Available settings: EnableDisable.

    Skip Perforation Leaves a one-inch (25.4 mm) margin at the top and bottom of the paper. Use it when printing on perforated roll paper so that the printer does not print on the perforation.

    Available settings: EnableDisable Print Settings Tab. Command Mode Specifies the printer’s command format. Available settings: RasterESC/P LegacyESC/P BrotherP-touch Template. Print Density Specifies the printing density. Available settings: 0-10.

    Print Speed Specifies the printing speed in inches or millimeters per second. Available settings: 1.1 ips / 27 mm/s1.6 ips / 41 mm/s1.9 ips / 48 mm/s2.5 ips / 65 mm/s. Extended Characters Specifies which characters are used when printing ASCII characters 128 to 255. Download au synth plugins software: dreamstation ii. Available settings: ItalicGraphics.

    Character Set Map Specifies which character set is used, allowing you to print special characters appropriate for the language selected. Available settings: USAFranceGermanyUnited KingdomDenmark ISwedenItalySpain IJapanNorwayDenmark IISpain IILatin AmericaKoreaLegal. Default Font Specifies which built-in font is used.

    Available settings: SerifSans Serif. Character Attributes Specifies the attributes used for printed text.

    Available settings: Reduce Character SizeBoldDouble WidthUnderline. Dash Line Print Prints dash lines between pages, useful when printing on roll paper. Set Form Feed Mode to Fixed Page, and then select Enable. Note that dash lines are printed on the paper; they are not punched into the paper. Available settings: EnableDisable. Stencil Paper Mode Available settings: ONOFF Printer Settings Tab.

    Auto Power On Specifies how the printer responds when connected to an AC or DC power outlet or when the battery is installed. Available settings: DisableEnableEnable (No Main Button). Auto Power Off (AC/DC) Specifies the amount of time that passes before the printer turns off automatically when connected to an AC or DC power outlet.

    Available settings: None, 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/15/20/25/30/40/50/60/90/120 minutes. Auto Power Off (Li-ion) Specifies the amount of time that passes before the printer turns off automatically when powered by the battery. Available settings: None, 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/15/20/25/30/40/50/60/90/120 minutes. Paper Sensor Threshold Specifies the threshold of the paper detection sensor. Available settings: 0-255.

    Print Data after Printing Allows to erase print data after it is printed. Available settings: Erase All Print DataKeep Print Data. JPEG Printing Setting Specifies the JPEG print settings. Available settings: Simple BinaryError Diffusion. Scale JPEG images to fit media Allows enlarging or reducing a JPEG image to fit the paper size. Available settings: EnableDisable.

    Power Off Mode Choose how you want to turn off the printer. Available settings: Single press to turn offDouble press to turn off. Airplane Mode Allows disabling the (Bluetooth) or (Wi-Fi) button.

    This function is useful when you use the printer in a place where signal transmissions are not allowed. Available settings: OnOff Bluetooth Settings Tab (PJ-762/PJ-763/PJ-763MFi Only). Bluetooth Device Name Allows to enter the Bluetooth device name. Bluetooth Address Displays the acquired Bluetooth address. Visible to Other Devices Allows the printer to be 'discovered' by other Bluetooth devices. Available settings: DiscoverableNot Discoverable.

    PIN code Enables or disables the PIN code used when pairing with computers or mobile devices. Request Secure Simple Pairing (SSP) settings during pairing If this check box is selected, pairing can be performed using the printer buttons for devices that are compliant with Bluetooth 2.1 or later. Wireless LAN Tab (PJ-773 Only).

    Brother 2.5 printer drivers for mac sierra

    WirelessDirect Turns the Wireless Direct function on or off. SSID/Network Key Generation Select AUTO or STATIC. SSID (Network Name)/Network Key Specifies the SSID (3 to 25 ASCII characters) and the network key you want to use in the Wireless Direct mode. You can only specify a setting when STATIC is selected as SSID/Network Key Generation.

    Display current settings Displays the current settings for Wireless Direct. Click the Current Settings button to update the displayed settings with the most recent information. Applying Setting Changes to Multiple Printers. After applying settings to the first printer, disconnect the printer from the computer, and then connect the second printer to the computer. Select the newly connected printer from the Printer drop-down list. Click the Apply Settings to the Printer button. The same settings that were applied to the first printer are applied to the second printer.

    Repeat steps 1 – 3 for all the printers whose settings you wish to change.

    Brother 2.5 Printer Drivers For Mac